Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


04:06 Bed time. It jas been a wobbly day with bouts of brain mush an occasional #paincount =6 from sore throat, joints, muscles, head; everywhere! #

13:33 Waking up. #

13:42 Doorbell rang (Copaxone delivery) just as I was about to walk back upstairs with tea and iced water so I only had to do one flight of stairs #

13:43 Okay, yes, I then had to walk back up to the kitchen, put Copaxone in the fridge and walk back upstairs with my drinks but YAY! #

16:48 Nap. #

em>18:56</em> Woken by an apparently hungry Smudge. Weather-head that made a nap neccessary is worse than ever. #paincount is now 7. #

19:25 Cats fed 1/3. Waiting for painkillers to work because nap did not get a chance to. Should have worn earplugs. Running melting and freezing. #

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