Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 03-17-2010

  • 02:55:47: "You’re O.K. to stop humming now." Woah. No words.
  • 15:39:11: Writing haikus with | sesquipedalian words | is pretty tricky!
  • 15:44:38: Walked to work through blackout, sound of distant helicopters. My first thought was "zombie apocalypse is beginning." (via @seananmcguire)
  • 15:48:24: I love gwynraven's word posts, like this one: which inspired the earlier twiku
  • 17:08:45: "firefly's musings - Casimir Effect Final Push" What an awesome idea! I am hereby boosting signal. Wish I could donate!
  • 17:15:22: Also re. Casimir Effect link I just posted - there is a £1 download of an SJTucker / S00j track from the film on there!
  • 19:45:41: In Vegas on St Patrick's Day. I can feel the Irish half of my ancestry shudder in fear. (via @sbisson) Heh ;-p
  • 19:49:38: Great tips from @thewritermama for beginning writers: (via @inkyelbows) I wonder what "clips" are, though.
  • 20:14:43: Speaking of BONESHAKER, guess what's gone into a sixth printing ... [:: insert undignified happydance here ::] (via @cmpriest) Awesome!

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