Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:44 Melting exhausted. Brain-dead and spoon-less. Ear-plugging beep noise. Low-batt'ry smoke-'larm. Time to try sleeping. Writing tomorrow. zzzz #

02:50 Still wide awake. Brain off-switch malfunction. Melting too. Gonna hit things is WoW to try to wind down. Also chew ice to try to cool down. #

04:20 Gonna try the sleep thing again. #

04:55 Well, that didn't work. Still awake and not in bed yet. I *will* try again NOW! #

12:16 Woken by bladder. #

Painkillers #

20:54 Microwaving food. World is going spinny-wibbly-wobbly. My timey-wimey is still as messed up as my hot-or-coldy. WTB new brain. #

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Tags: natdaylog

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