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An interesting article about red-tape in the US that one particular company stood by (until there was publicity, of course!) after a customer's death:
Verizon Bills Dead Customer, Requires PIN to Cancel Account

My mum has been through something similar with a credit card company that my step-dad had a card with before he died. It took her months - if she has even managed to get it sorted out now! I need to remember to ask her about that - although not on Sunday, that being Moner's Day (Mothering Sunday) in the UK.

I am still trying to work out how to word and add an appendix to my will (which needs updating) containing passwords and PINs and instructions to notify all of my online accounts and friends (e.g. in World of Warcraft, Flickr and LiveJournal) if anything should happen to me. I also want to add a Living Will including a Do Not Resucutate order (for some situations, not all) and not wanting to be kept alive on life support if I am not aware and experiencing quality of life any more. All this is a huge can of worms and I have yet to work out how best to do it.

Do you have any such will appendices? Do you have your PINs and passwords/usernames stored somewhere that is accessible to your nearest and dearest if anything should happen to you?


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Mar. 11th, 2010 04:52 pm (UTC)
Good thought about putting my passwords to my various online spots in my will and designating what should be done with those accounts (Flickr, Live Journal, etc.). Problem comes when / if I find the need to change those passwords, and they are not as they are designated at the time of my death. It's true that I don't change them often - but have. Changing my will each and every time I change a password would be unwieldy. I'm also not sure who I would designate to have those passwords, and what I would want them to do with them. It's a tough one.
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