Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


02:31 Finally starting to feel sleepy 2 hours after taking evening meds and painkillers. Will try to sleep soon. #

03:59 Still not in bed. Still not asleep. Time to try to do something about that. If only my brain would stop wanting to do things! #

11:18 Starting to wake up. #

11:33 First day in a while that I am starting the awake time with painkillers. Not a huge #paincount (=4) but it is persistent and distracting. #

12:48 #paincount = 5 becomes a visual migraine. Just what I needed with paperwork to do and phone calls to make. *splat* #

13:27 Painkillers and Dr Pepper are starting to work. #

15:31 Nap time with earplugs. #

19:47 Waking from nap. #

20:23 Cats fed 2/3 lots and tea made. Drinking tea. This Twitter feed is boring as advertised! #

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Tags: natdaylog

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