Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


02:05 That was close. Right knee gave out on way down stairs to kitchen. Managed to catch myself on the bannister rail. #

02:06 I'd hate to fall down these stairs yet almost do many/most times I try to walk down them and there is a window right at the bottom! #

02:26 A floor to ceiling window at that! I think I might try to sleep now. #

03:07 Still awake. #

12:15 Waking up again. I went straight back to bed after going to the loo before. #

12:55 Going to
wake up by doing jab, taking meds and hitting things (playing WoW) while drinking tea. #

16:50 Lunch. #

23:34 Dull background roar of #paincount =5 everywhere. Joints, thighs, neck, eyes, head. Must have a cold or chill or just a MonSter. Painkillers #

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