Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:15 Sleepy. Off to bed but, "I don't wanna!" ;-/ #

11:13 Waking up #

11:27 Woken with #paincount =7 headache and blurry vision. May end up back in bed. Let's see. #

11:47 Painkillers 15 mins ago #

11:48 Walked downstairs to get Copaxone out of fridge. Came back up after 10 mins with tea, water, ice, breakfast but no Copaxone. Went down again #

12:20 YAY! Painkillers kicking in and doing their job. Streaming Gorillaz new album "Plastic Be
ach" is helping too. #

13:22 Sorting clothes for laundry and filling washing machine exacerbates vertigo. First load on though. #

13:23 Now melting though. #

14:03 Sleepy but will wait 15 mins to nap until I can take the non-tumble laundry out of the machine and hang it to dry then put a tumble load on. #

14:20 Down two flights of stairs and back up to answer doorbell. Repeat prescription medications delivery. Out of breath now. #

15:10 Today's louder than usual hissy right ear t

15:28 Second laundry load on (tumble load) and first hung up to dry. Nap time now. Laterz twitterverse! zzzzzzz #

17:47 Waking up. #

21:16 I hate it when my oesophagus goes into spasm in mid swallow when I am eating or just swallowing saliva so I can't swallow or breathe. #

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