Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 03-03-2010

  • 01:46:51: I have not been able to log in to Twitter for most of the night. I got an error saying that I had tried too often even first time I tried :(
  • 01:47:59: I guess I may have been experiencing another brute-force hack/crack attack on this account. I know I have not fallen to phishing. Changed …
  • 01:48:42: … my password for the second time in as many weeks due to being hacked or in this case locked out of my account. :(
  • 01:49:26: This password was said to be "strong" and so I am crossing my fingers that this works. Otherwise I may need to move to a different account.
  • 02:58:48: "Share three good things about your life right now.": #goodthings

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