Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:20 Eating this late means that I am more awake afterwards. I am exhausted though — long day with loads of walking. Going to try to sleep now. #

01:21 Also, my vision is screwy this evening. Can focus on the laptop and my knitting with both pairs of glasses but on the TV with neither! #

09:07 Waking up 09:00. Did not manage to get to bed until about 02:00. Also forgot last night's meds whoch could be why. I am missing my routines. #

16:07 All packed except the frozen stuff. Exhausted and dizzy. Naptime. #

17:37 Off to Ashford with M then to do the hand
over of me and my stuff to @NeilCFord at Maidstone services on the M20. Tweet'yall later! #

21:50 Can't log in to my other twitter account because they say I have been logging in too much so it must be being brute-force hacked again. :( #

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