Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 02-27-2010

  • 14:03:55: Which part of milk is not in butter? Lactose? Casein? Whey? I can't remember. Does the twitterverse know? #question
  • 14:43:38: ""Do, or do not. There is no 'try"" -Yoda (via @writerblocktips)
  • 17:29:53: One of my favorite things about the internet is people arguing with what they have decided other people said. (via @matociquala) This!
  • 17:37:49: pip pip RT @Jonfromncl Look what's in the window of the new Apple
    Store in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (via @twittelator) ;-p
  • 17:39:19: Bumping along the bottom in the UK. Man can't take pictures of his own son. This is fucked up (via @parkylondon) WTF?
  • 18:38:32: Watching the rugby with the dogs on the sofa. ;-p
  • 22:52:45: CSI:NY - ep "Cockoo's Nest"; Stella' shirt/top looks a lot like Jean Luc Picard's in ST:TNG!

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