Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 02-26-2010

  • 10:29:33: RT @jearle: The BBC are heavily tipped to close BBC 6 Music, the best radio channel they do: Unacceptable. Move it to FM #save6music
  • 10:32:54: Have deleted the spam tweet that some hacker used this account to make. Am about to change my password. Sorry to all my readers. :(
  • 10:54:12: Sorry again for the now deleted tweet on this account that I did not make! :(
  • 18:44:06: Off out to Asda and to walk dogs with brother and his GF. 400 #wordcount so far today.
  • 19:57:38: A day full of conversation, discussion and debate with a nap and now knitting in the dark in bro's gf's car while they walk the dogs.

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