Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

A lineup for my very own summer music festival: Who performs at NatFest?

Seen them live twice. Awesome live.

Always loved their music. Would love to see them live.

Have loved everything that they have put out and they were amazing in TV footage of their live act.

Jethro Tull
Seen them live twice. They RAWK!

Have really enjoyed wating their live performances on YouTube.

Depeché mode
Have liked them since the word go in the 80s and adore their recent stuff even more.

Awesome music but sadly they are no more.

Ditto - awesome music but sadly they are no more.

The Cure
Old favourites and still great.

David Sylvian
Just an amazing artist but I am not sure that he performs live so this one might not happen.

Peter Gabriel
I have liked everything by him that I have heard. Stunning.

…as long as they do the amazing cover of "Running Up That Hill"!

Massive Attack
Another great chillout band.

I think this is turning into a multiple tent/stage music festival like Glastonbury - but it would be presented at fully accessible and weatherproof venues - maybe multiple theatres in London or one venue over many differently themed days.

No-brainer. A festival or concert without him playing "We Are All Made Of Stars" would not be a one that I wanted to attend.

You may not have heard of Munk but I bought their album after they did the theme music for an audiobook/poscast called "Shadow Falls" by Mark Yoshimoto-Nemkoff. Search them in iTunes — you will not regret it. I also recommend that pod-book.

Newton Faulkner
Once I heard his cover of "Teardrop", I just had to buy his album. Another one that is well worth searching in iTunes or on the web.

S. J. Tucker (s00j)
Filk and amazing. What a voice!

Paul Oakenfold
Have you worked out yet that I have a very wide and varied music taste? ;-p

Just stunning. Once again I love everything that they have done. I am running out of things to write to be honest!

Ditto. Lather, rinse and repeat.

Just awesome trip-hop.

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