Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


08:59 Waking up. Left curtains open and direct sun on my head means I am too hot to sleep any longer. #

09:20 #tmi Guts go BANG! Will have to have wheat less often. At least I did not get the bloating and pain that I get with dairy. #

09:20 I do have to try Lactofree milk yet, though. I don't think it is the lactose in milk that upsets me because non lactose mammal milk does too #

09:21 … but it is still worth a try to experiment so that I know. I have been keeping off all mammal milk for years now. Maybe it is the casein? #

12:43 Bloody #vertigo. Going
to the loo and playing with Smudge for a couple of minutes and now I am #nauseous. #

15:14 Dead. Bed. #

18:25 Waking up from a nightmare. Cats want food. Wonder if I can manage stairs. #

18:58 Made it down stairs and back up. Fed cats 1/3 lots while I was down there. Hubby had bought ice so filled camelbak! Yay! Icemaker on strike, #

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