Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Oh, if only…

I am off to bed for a nap (vertigo and nausea are getting old pretty quickly) but this just fell out of my head:

In my dreams
I forget —
I can no longer do
all the things
I used to love to do.

There I can still run
and turn cartwheels —
and turn somersaults.

The added benefits of dreaming
(that make waking
often depressing)
are the extra-reality
dream-land abilities
such as floating and soaring —
levitation-related flying.

I can *think* myself into the air
and along to where I am going
with no flapping
or other muscle effort.

I can control machinery
and technology
by just willing it to do things.

My dreams replace the
that I have developed over the years
as I age
with abilities that would solve
every difficulty in my life.

Is there any wonder that
I like to sleep
and dream
so much more
than I like to be awake?

One day, I hope,
someone will develop
the technology required
to make dream-land abilities
reality in real life.

Oh, if only…

- nsf

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Tags: disability, dreams, ms, poetry, writing
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