Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:14 Vertigo still bad. Tired achy eyes are not seeing properly at any distance with either pair of glasses. Off 2 bed as soon as I take my meds. #

05:17 Woken by Smudge. Forgot earplugs (or fell asleep before I could put them in). #

08:27 Left elbow #paincount =7. painkillers. Already had breakfast, meds and jab. #

08:32 Vertigo and vision are also bad enough that I can't really do much. Going back to bed for a while. #

12:57 Waking up again. Painkillers and sleep seem to have helped. #

p class="loudtwitter">19:58 Achy and sleepy. Probably off to bed soon. #</p>

20:26 Yup, bed. #

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