Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


03:33 Bed. Upset / random guts. #

14:44 Waking up. Weird vision. Numb right leg that makes the stairs impossible if carrying anything. Toddler-bum-shuffle or crawl is the only way. #

15:09 Right leg starting to wake up. Going to attempt the stairs. #

15:15 Made it down & back up stairs with refilled camelbak. Not able to carry anything else tho. Breakfast'll be Marmite Rice Cakes which're here. #

18:45 headache/eyepain #paincount =5. Taking painkillers. #

Going to see if I can get down stairs to feed cats. They may have to wait for hubby if right leg is still being a pain / numb. #

18:50 Head feels like it is full of mush and being squeezed inwards. Not attempted to walk on leg yet - here goes… #

18:52 Made it to the loo. Cats are not impressed LOL! #

19:28 Made it down stairs in one piece and have managed to feed cats. Thank FSM for chair rails throughout to use as grab rails. #

19:30 Managing elsewhere by locking right leg. Both legs hyperextend though so that is less than ideal. #

19:31 Added vertigo/spinning/migraine is not helping. #

19:38 Gave cats 2/3 lots. Am back upstairs lying down. They'll have to wait for third lot. #

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