Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

More LJ genderfail (edited to add…)

As seen in this post by rm, LiveJournal are yet again proven to be archaic dinosaurs incapable of reading or listening.

So that I do not rehash a debate that means even more to others than it does to me, here are some more links for you to do more reading if you so wish:

Where it all started.
A great round-up post from elionwyr.

I will be changing the gender specified in my LJ userinfo to "It's personal" (despite being blatantly and 100% out as a heterosexual ciswoman) as a protest. This now does not display a gender to readers but is still stored within the LJ database for — whatever statistical use that LJ wish to use it for. If LJ are hoping to use my stated gender to target advertising or some other statistical or demographic wibbly-wobbly stuff, they will not get any help from me.

Just sayin'.

Edited to add comments that I posted in various places.

In reply to a comment rm made here I replied:

Why's it so hard to both ask for help and listen to us?

Because then they would not be LiveJournal but some other more caring and considerate entity? I had hoped, when they let us elect reps, that they would consult their userbase on just such issues as this. All they had to do was post a poll or ask us to make suggestions. Rather LiveJournal decided that they know better then we do - their paying customers.

It is at times like this — despite identifying as female and heterosexual, had I not been gifted a permanent account, I would despair and move elsewhere.

Thank you for explaining this to them far more coherently than I would be able to.

I replied to a few others as well but that was my most coherent reply.

ETA2 I also replied to the whole news post here:

"It's personal" does *not* mean "another gender not listed here". It means "I am male or female but do not want to tell you which".

Seriously, I did not think that LiveJournal was run by a third world uneducated bunch but now I am not so sure. I am heterosexual and female but there is a whole spectrum of gender identification as well as more than two genetic genders. Learn to research before you make changes. Poll your users. Ask your user representatives to poll the users. Learn to read, learn to manage a product and learn to listen to your userbase!
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