Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:58 Legs gave out (numb but functional) getting off loo. Yay for grab bars. Got to my room. Bed now. #

13:03 Fighting to wake up and stay awake. Keep falling back to sleep. Back ache but legs are not still numb. Walking is hard work when they are. #

13:45 Breakfast and tea. #

13:46 Already have mild headache and eye pain #paincount = 1. #

13:54 One of these days I will build my meds into the organiser promptly every week so that I do not have a few days without supplements and… #

13:55 … don't have a few days where I drop meds trying to take them out of blister packs. *facepalm* I should go back to building 3 weeks not 1. #

18:59 Ugh. Wobbly/vertigo/ligh-headed. All I did was feed the cats their first lot (@NeilCFord did the next two lots) and chop some potatoes. #

19:01 Yes, okay, that did mean going downstairs, feed cats, upstairs, spod&knit, downstairs, chop potatoes, upstairs, *splat*, spod, wobble&faint. #

19:02 Also, melty, chilly, melty, chilly, melty. *facepalm* #

23:26 Even more wobbly this evening. Almost did not mak
e it from living room to bedroom without walking into a wall or doorpost. All 10" of it. #

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