Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:14 Took meds at about 23:00. Off to bed any minute now (00:15). #

06:48 Seem to have woken up at 06:30 for no reason I can discern. Not bladder and Smudge was asleep on my hip. Needed to turn now both cats awake. #

07:18 Wide awake. Blurry vision and eye pain. #paincount = 4. #

07:21 Realise bungedness bay be rhinitis not cold. Have been forgetting Benadryll and Beconase. *facepalm* #

11:18 It is no good. I have dressed, eaten food, taken my meds, done my jab and drunk a mug of green tea. I am going back to bed. #

11:19 My eyes are still all blurry and I cannot keep them open. They feel like I have been crying hard for days. Maybe more sleep will help. #

14:01 Waking up. Vision still screwy. Fresnel seemd to nwed rotsting again. Wish orthoptists would reply to emails! #

15:37 Sore eyes. Needed to rotate the fresnel again. Wish the orthoptists would reply to their email. Can see ok to knit (20cm) but the mac … #

15:39 … screen is another matter. It is a large flatscreen and only arms length away but a plain white page seems to be different colours & hilly! #

15:59 Painkillers. Eye #paincount is now 7. Ibuprofen and cocodamol. For a start. #

16:01 Also, rotated the fresnel back. I need circular glasses frames so that I do net need a new fresnel to cut to fit every time I need to. #

16:01 Or I need an unlimited supply of fresnels. This is frustrating. #

17:55 Weirdly, as the #paincount subsides to a 4, my vision seems to have been improved by taking ibuprofen and cocodamol. Probably a coincidence. #

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