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From Twitter 01-27-2010

  • 10:53:15: Yet again, refresh-all in @tweetie for the mac does not refresh (i.e. delete/remove) deleted tweets. #bugreport
  • 10:54:38: Quitting and re-running @tweetie for mac is the only way to 'remove' deleted tweets from the display because refresh-all doesn't. #bugreport
  • 11:02:43: "knitonthenet :: A Stitch In Time" Book of vintage knitting and crochet patterns (and discussion) is back in print!
  • 11:04:26: "This re-publication of the 1972 classic "A Stitch In Time" by Jane Waller, is a collection of original knitting and crochet patterns from…"
  • 11:05:14: "…the 1920s through the 1940s, with an overview of the style of each decade and its social context. The book has been used by stage, …"
  • 11:06:26: "…, screen and TV for historical accuracy and is also a favourite of fashion colleges." Book I linked to: Some of you might be interested!
  • 11:16:17: Trimming my flickr contacts list.
  • 12:44:26: Wishing there was a way in flickr to say, "I want this person as a contact but only want to see their art scans/photos* on my RSS feed." dwa
  • 13:09:14: "YouTube - Mean Kitty - Something's In My Bed!!!" ROFL! ;-p
  • 17:26:57: "WeeklyStorybook: Why Our Sight Fails With Age" I really enjoy these weekly stories.
  • 17:51:57: "Mary to Many - One thing we know about the Apple 'tablet': it's US only" I expected this to be honest á la Kindle.
  • 18:34:50: "Scheherazade in Blue Jeans - Happy birthday, Mr. Carroll." Stunning writing by @shadesong
  • 18:35:58: P.S. Happy Rabbit Hole Day everyone!
  • 18:37:13: "scribbles and lies - Mark your calendars: January 27th is Rabbit Hole Day"
  • 18:42:16: "Urban Dictionary: iphone effect" He he! So true! Not that I frequent wine bars / pubs or drink alcohol these days…
  • 18:50:28: .@johannaharness Apple event starts at 10 pm PST / 1 pm EST. Live coverage site list: (via @inkyelbows) For interested.
  • 19:22:11: "Google Toolbar Tracks Browsing Even After Users Choose "Disable"" Glad I don't use it. Or windows. ;-p
  • 19:32:28: “We’ve got something better, and we’d like to show it to you today. It’s called the iPad.”
  • 19:38:35: "Live from the Apple 'latest creation' event -- Engadget" Best live site I can find right now. Loads of photos.
  • 19:40:56: 2 be clear, it is a sexy gadget/toy but I need a tactile keyboard for days I can't see and want a stylus for drawing. Not for me. #ipad
  • 19:51:14: #ipad Maybe I would buy one if we won the lottery. I need an Intel Mac desktop of some kind first and I have an iPhone 3G. not 3Gs. No need.
  • 20:16:32: "Breakthrough deal with AT&T"
  • 20:19:26: “I am thrilled to announce to you that the iPad pricing starts, not at $999, but at $499.”
  • 20:20:30: extra for 3G capability
  • 20:21:08: No intl deals till June. Sad but not surprising. (via another tweeter with a protected account)
  • 20:21:44: Steve just killed the netbook market ! (via @loudmouthman) Except for those people with visual disabilities that need a tactile keyboard.
  • 20:24:41: I am retyping some from BTW.
  • 20:25:02: My other sources are Twitter and
  • 20:26:18: "We've got some really great accessories. First one is a dock. You know the slideshow I showed you? When it's in the dock you have a …
  • 20:27:11: … great picture frame. We have another dock that's interesting... the keyboard dock." Okay. I am sold now. If the KeyDock folds for a bag.
  • 20:27:57: "you can sync the apps you already downloaded to your iPhone to the iPad as well, so you don’t have to pay twice."
  • 20:28:56: the iPad looks nice, but there are no plans for an iPad version of Scrivener. (via @ScrivenerApp) Even with the keyboard dock? :((
  • 20:29:54: Bostonians have been pronouncing it "iPad" for years. (via @apelad) (via @pvponline) ROFL ;-p
  • 20:31:10: Case: Want a case with the keyboard too though!
  • 20:32:10: Typing:
  • 20:33:15: "Up to 10 hours battery life" means that this does NOT kill other eReaders. Sony f'rex lasts DAYS.
  • 20:33:56: iBookstore
  • 20:34:25: iBookstore may be like iTunes was and not be global straight away - just my gut feeling.
  • 20:38:29: SJobs is a bit clever at these announcements. Trickling in new tidbits slowly but surely. ;-p
  • 20:42:31: iPad is 1024-by-768-pixel. Specs are up: (via @jearle)
  • 20:44:37: …aaaaand Twitter quietns down (and I spam you all a bit less about the #ipad).
  • 20:45:56: …although I have just thought of another reason why an #ipad might be awesome for me - backlit eReading at night. Yeah, I am weird.
  • 20:58:50: Apple, its like Steam only more Expensive. (via @loudmouthman) ROFL ;-p
  • 20:59:15: - Hey apple! #iPhonetography #ipad #geek (via @kylecassidy) ;-p
  • 21:01:01: RT @danfrakes: Great news: iPod supports Bluetooth keyboards! (via @jearle) AWESOME! No need for the dock!
  • 21:01:12: and the iPhone developer site is back up. (via @themattharris)
  • 21:04:26: "Accessability: VoiceOver screen reader" If only it had voice-to-text.
  • 21:06:23: "SIM card tray (Wi-Fi + 3G model only)" #ipad
  • 21:07:28: iwork which didn't appear, i hasten to add (via @petecooper) Yeah - they mentioned it but did not demo it. Strange.
  • 21:32:45: RT @stephenfry Got to Skype in my thoughts to BBC for Newnight. Hurrying to hotel x
  • 22:33:17: RT @kylecassidy: AT&T doesn't have enough bandwidth problems, now they're going to let everyone run Project Gutenberg through it....

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