Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:31 Bed. Took my meds at about 22:00. Or was it 23:00? Not at meal time or soon after, though. Sleepy now and it is COLD in my bed. Good night. #

09:49 Woken by bladder at 09:00 or so. Have fed the cats and made myself tea and breakfast. #

09:51 Now doing jab, eating breakfast, drinking water and tea (green+mint) and taking meds. Yay my life is glamorous! Heh. #

13:00 Attack of the randomly oscillating body temperature. Episode number 5,272,739. #

13:22 Guts protesting. Taking a screen break and, potentially, a nap. #

14:58 Too effin' cold to sleepfully clothed in bed. Going to make myself porridge and tea and also boost the heating. Hands are like blocksof ice! #

17:28 I think I need to drink less caffeine. Green tea with mint (Dragon Fly Moroccan Mint) and the occasional Dr Pepper. Makes my head ache. #

17:28 #paincount = 4. Painkillers. #

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