Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:47 Off to bed. Curry for dinner. Instant bowel "episode" an hour or so afterwards. Yay MonSter-guts. #

01:07 Fell getting into bed. Luckily, fell *into* bed. This damned vertigo got old years ago. :( #

08:40 Woken by bladder from yet more disappointing / depressing dreams. I hate that all my dreams these days have an "unhappy ending" twist. #

08:44 It is no wonder I don't remember my dreams for long enough to write them down. I don't want to remember the endings I've forgotten the rest. #

08:58 Excuse me while I vent for a sec. BLOOD
Y VERTIGO!!! :((( #

10:12 Headache #paincount = 3. Painkillers. #

10:20 Coughing. #

10:36 Meds, jab and breakfast. #

16:33 Emotional day. At random, also, either melting hot or freezing cold. Nothing new there, then. #

17:09 Too warm again. Taking off gloves and second pair of socks. I must be cold-blooded like some kind of lizard or snake. ;-p #

17:18 More painkillers 7 hours since previous.
#paincount = 5 now. #

17:21 Am experiencing proximity cuddling and companionabubble, purring fuzzy-therapy from Pixel. It is working with the painkillers and caffeine. #

17:29 Aww. My purr-therapist has left the room. #

18:58 Melting and exhausted. Slathering on aqueous hand-cream to counteract washing-up liquid and hob de-grime and de-greaser. #

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