Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-25-2010

  • 11:44:25: "Radiation Offers New Cures, and Ways to Do Harm" Despicable, scary, awful and sad.
  • 12:03:34: I despair of ever understanding why our neighbours below are even together, let alone why they stay together. The makeup sex must be good. ☹
  • 12:04:56: Yep, they are yelling, slamming and banging again. I wish I had the guts to write to them from their kids' (in 20 years) POV. Let alone mine
  • 12:12:05: A card 3x5 through their door saying, "Why are you two together? To mess up your kids' future happiness or just mine? …
  • 12:12:13: … I hope the make-up sex is worth it."
  • 12:23:18: #nts #tip WoW drowns them out. If not, WoW played through headphones with LOUD background music might.
  • 15:19:58: wow, there's going to be some e-book shape up thanks to Apple. Decent Times piece here: (via @writersclub)
  • 16:37:14: Okay, so the "adults" are no longer screaming but the tween kid is home with a friend and playing "run around the house like elephants …
  • 16:38:02: … while screaming and playing hide-and-seek". *facepalm* /me grabs the painkillers and gives up all thoughts of a nap without earplugs.
  • 16:39:26: WTB place to live on the ground floor with nobody above or below. Yes, a bungalow please. LF lottery win. /me hides from the world. *thud*
  • 18:27:34: Looking at: "Albino "Carpincho" at M'Bopicua: Awwwww!!!"( )

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