Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-23-2010

  • 08:36:22: Cats are 2/3 fed. Eating breakfast (dfgf pitta, pâté and mroccan mint green tea).
  • 08:49:47: #nts #tip Leaving my earplugs in while I wake up and feed the cats makes the process much less stressful, noisy and painful. Can still hear.
  • 08:51:58: Cats have eaten all of their breakfast now. Now for the rest of mine and some knitting / spodding. Leaving earplugs for now. May even write.
  • 08:52:45: Have written my paper-diary for yesterday. What with this twitter account and @natdaylog, this is actually easier the next day.
  • 09:11:00: Tinnitus + mac fan noise makes for great white noise. Just sayin'.
  • 09:46:10: "BBC News - Audio slideshow: Photography by blind people" Some great photos!
  • 09:58:51: "BBC - Magazine Monitor: How to Say: Van Gogh" Fascinating!
  • 12:50:40: Printing double sided 3"x5" cards with my daily checklist - to do every/most/some day(s) - for 'top' spiral binding (short edge) at Staples.
  • 17:34:26: "I'm a photographer, not a terrorist!" (via @doctorow) How'd that go?

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