Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:25 -5 mins: Two pairs of socks, two sweaters and gloves. Boiling hot blackberry tea in steel Starbucks travel mug. Still cold. #

00:26 …and now melting and had to take off a layer of clothes. WTB working body thermostat for my brain! #

02:45 Took meds at about 23:30. Feeling sleepy now (02:45). Need to try to take meds when I eat dinner in future. #

02:45 … or, at least, take them at about 21:00. #

02:46 So, off to bed! #

05:47 Woken by #paincount = 6.
All joints. #

05:48 4 hours sleep > none. #

06:02 I seem to be wide awake. Flly clothed, wrapped in my furry bathrobe and wraring gloves. Going to take painkillers and advance the heating. #

06:56 Warming up. #

07:02 And now melting. I wish my body thermostat had a setting between freezing and melting! #

10:22 Nap. #

10:37 Still awake. Giving up. #

10:57 Building my week's meds. #

15:31 No reply from ortoptist yet. My balance / vertical hold is bad today. I keep toppling over when sitting or standing. Off to try a nap again. #

21:33 Well, that was a LONG nap! Another day of hibernation it seems. #

21:34 Gosh - 6 hours! That was more like a long sleep than a nap! *facepalm* #

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