Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-20-2010

  • 01:54:01: Q: What word has the most definitions? A: (via @dictionarycom)
  • 04:38:26: Note to self: charge your iPhone more often.
  • 16:43:55: It is snowing pretty solidly out there.
  • 16:44:26: I seem to not have double vision again on waking! Going to take the fresnel of my glasses so I can focus otherwise. (via @natdaylog)
  • 19:21:50: Checking out (via @regularjen) I'm liking this!
  • 20:36:18: "REPLACEMENT PARTS • by G.P. Ching | Every Day Fiction - The once a day flash fiction magazine." Loving this story!
  • 21:57:10: Does anyone know of a voice-to-text app that will work on my non-intel mac? For those days that I cannot see properly (I cannot touch-type).
  • 21:57:45: Alternately a speech-to-text app available in the UK for iPhone?

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