Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


02:03 Bed time. Evening meds time as well. Oops. #

02:05 Still achy so having a painkiller chaser to aid with sleeping. Might reduce he whole 'melting' thing as well - that could be a fever. #

02:10 Too suddenly sleepy to write in the paper diary. It will still be there tomorrow. #

03:26 Can't sleep. My bladder and my mind will not let me. Should probably just get up again. Annoyingly, I was sleepy until I got into bed! ;-/ #

15:41 I seem to not have double vision again on waking! Going to take the fresnel of my glasses so I can focus otherwise. #

15:44 Lte's see how long this single vision lasts today… #

16:51 Meds. #

16:55 Jab #

17:37 Did have breakfast but forgot to log it. #

18:19 Moroccan mint green tea (from Dragon Fly). Feeding cats, too. #

18:34 COLD. Two sweaters and gloves on. #

19:01 Woah. Vertigo. Have had to put fresnel back on but
at a different angle. #

20:44 Eye #paincount 5 in the eye with the fresnel despite the new/better angle. This fresnel is so old and warped that it is hard to see through. #

20:45 Waiting to hear back from an email sent to the orthoptists late this afternoon about which fresnel (2 or 3) to use on which glasses. #

20:46 Once I hear back (tomorrow at the earliest) I can replace this useless old fresnel with one of the new ones I have (a 2 and a 3). #

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