Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-18-2010

  • 01:30:29: /me wishes for a @twitter setting to show me all tweets from people I follow except tweets so that I don't have to un-follow people!
  • 01:33:56: It appears that also DM spams your @twitter followers when you join unless you tell them not to. :(
  • 02:12:26: #didyoureallythink she looked almost naked? RT @alumiere: … @Zap2itdishrag: @neilhimself's fiance is almost naked
  • 02:49:32: Did anyone know what country the +35 dialing code was for? I asked earlier but the US was probably asleep then. ;-p
  • 02:50:00: New Year's Goals:
  • 20:02:35: Loves @NeilCFord for doing most of the cooking now I cannot be trusted with hot cookers, etc. but wishes I could do the cooking sometimes :/
  • 20:04:16: I fed the cats, at least. I also clean/change the cats' shit-tray (litter tray).
  • 20:04:44: RT @loudmouthman: ♻@clownfishrob: daughter has gone missing (Huddesfield area) Any info pls contact the local police ! please RT http:/ ...
  • 20:06:49: RT @cmpriest: If you liked BONESHAKER and want to know what became of some of its players, try CLEMENTINE - Go here for preorder: http:/ ...
  • 20:09:50: *facepalm* I meant, of course, "cucoon"…
  • 20:10:13: RT @knittingnews: A local artist makes a statement and knits herself a cucoon. Ontario, CA
  • 20:29:27: RT @cmpriest: To be clear, there are essentially 2 sequels to BONESHAKER: CLEMENTINE from Subterranean and DREADNOUGHT from Tor.
  • 20:30:18: RT @ScrivenerApp: Thanks for the Scrivener tips Tara! Note that 'Scrivener for Windows' is being developed though: ...
  • 20:44:39: There's been a shop like that in Horsham for years now. RT @theyarnyard: What a wonderfully simple idea this is.
  • 20:56:02: RT @inhabitat: Borders Plans to Trash Tens of Thousands of Unsold Books!
  • 23:58:25: RT @GreatDismal: Christian markings on US rifle sights. 'Cos that'll make the crusade accusations go away!

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