Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


00:34 Watched TV and made myself some food. Earlier migraine was stepped on by painkillers and sleep. #

01:17 Taking evening meds one by one tonight! Maybe I will be sleepy soon enough that I am not up all night? Not holding my breath, though. ;-p #

01:18 Usually take all 12 tablets/capsules at once. Had never choked on them before last night. #

04:50 Finally sleepy so off to bed. #

06:06 Still awake. Bladder in overdrive. #

06:10 COLD! #

17:59 Waking up. Backache. #paincount = 4. Can move but takes my breath away. Am out of bed. #

19:01 Continuing to try to wake up. #

19:40 Having great difficulty waking up and staying awake. Eyes keep closing despite meds. Either sleep for 20 hours or be awake for 20 it seems. #

19:53 Eye and head pain increasing. I need a day without vision problems or eye pain so that I can fit the newer fresnel prisms to my glasses. #

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