Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-17-2010

  • 04:28:54: Ripping back the sock I have been knitting. Can't even get my head round a plain stocking stitch or 2x2 rib sock now. #brainfail sucks. :(
  • 04:29:56: Is there any wonder that I have a reputation for taking on projects but "you never finish anything"? #facepalm Feeling pretty low now. :(
  • 06:51:12: May as well try going to bed. If there is one thing that I am sometimes good at, it is sleeping (if my MonSter wants me to, of course)!
  • 15:10:15: RT @JohnFugelsang: A lot of folks don't know this, but God made a pact with Satan to get rid of Rev. Robertson. True Story.
  • 15:22:34: Strangely, I had just sent @NeilCFord an SMS in my dream when he woke me. Prescient dreaming? It has happened to me before.
  • 15:33:21: What country is dialing code +35? Missed call while I was asleep from +357* number that I do not recognise.
  • 15:38:51: AI CAN HAZ LONGCAT ON MAI HIP! -
  • 16:03:29: LONGCAT GOT LONGA -

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