Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

New Year's Resolutions / Goals for 2010

I never make resolutions. Well, that is not true. When I do I never have them for longer than about a week before I give up having "failed" for one day. This year, however, I made some goals and, so far, am managing to keep up with them! Therefore I feel able to share them with you now. They are to do the following things on as many days as possible:
  • Write about my day (or the day before) in my A5 page-a-day diary.

  • Keep a symptom / medication / sleep diary (using my natdaylog Twitter account, LoudTwitter and natf LiveJournal).

  • Eat breakfast. Whatever time of day you wake up, the first meal after you wake from your long-sleep is you breaking your fast.

  • Take all of that day's meds.

  • Do my jab (Copaxone injection). Complication is my weird sleep "pattern" and the fact that I have to do it at least 20 hours apart. I seem to have it down pat now, though - morning meds, jab and breakfast with a cup of green tea all goe together when I first wake.

  • Write something, be it fiction, memoir, livejournal, drabble, poem, novel or non-fiction. This does not, however, count the previous paper-diary writing or any link-soup posts to LJ or Twitter.

  • Knit. Even if it is yet another sock and not a complex pattern because then you feel like you are accomplishing something. Even if you frog it and wind it back into nice center-pull self-wound yarn balls just so that you can knit it again. Just for the sake of knitting to have something to do with your hands. That said, try to finish one or two knitted items every now and then.

  • Read. Not just the intarwebz. Sony Reader ebooks or paper / dead-tree books and magazines. You have enough on your TBR (To Be Read) pile and eTBR to last you a while.

  • Challenge yourself. Keep your brain working. If it is a not-good-brain day, do not punish yourself for that. It is not your fault that the MonSter is eating your brain.

  • Forgive yourself. You will "fail" at some of these goals on some of the days in 2010 because you are human. Keep calm and carry on. Don't stop striving. If you stop you will never do anything. redacted due to inner voice attack ;-p

  • Challenge the inner voices that are out to get you. This is not paranoia. You do have inner voices that are memories of past voices that were not as supportive and encouraging as they might have been. When they hit you with a negative voice, hit back with a reworded, positive affirmation. Try to, at least. Don't let the turkeys get you down.
Tags: goals, writing

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