Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:02 #NTS Try not to have your MonSter random choke reflex kick in when you are trying to swallow a handful of pills. Half dissolved meds … #

01:03 … taste foul and hurt when you choke them up your nose. Yeah, TMI. Also, your keyboard and monitor get wet. MonSter-- :( #

01:08 P.S. for those that do not read regularly or know me IRL, MonSter = MS = Multiple Sclerosis for us PwMS (People with MS). It is a joke. Hah. #

01:11 Choking pills has scratched my trachea and exacerbated my already sore throat & cough. Yay. #

01:12 As the hip cool kids might
say, #FML #

05:55 Bed #

14:06 Awake. #

18:12 Splitting headache. May have to go back to sleep. Taken meds, done jab and eaten breakfast. This daylogging seems to be working! #

18:39 Bed. #paincount = 7. Vision is weird. Painkillers. Not fed cats. #

21:05 Awake for about 30 mins. #

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