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02:08 Still awake at 02:10. My brain is out to lunch. Can't work out knitting or sewing patterns. Writing by hand hurts my right wrist. #

02:09 Working out these knitting and sewing patterns is something that I would have been able to do in my sleep in the past. Makes me very sad. :( #

02:10 Slightly upset guts but that may be due to the wheat in the ring donuts that I ate earlier. Not too drastic and well worth it in my opinion! #

02:12 Despite hand writing being achy I am 13 for 13 days writing in my A5 page-a-day diary. At least a paragraph and usually the whole page. #

02:18 Taking some colpermin and putting down the knitting. Time to go to bed and read, if not sleep. #

03:46 Bladder won't let me sleep. Also, VERY cold. #

04:57 Yup, still awake. #

13:31 Waking from a weird dream with a splitting headache. #paincount = 4. #

14:16 Slept solidly but waking with a headache makes waking a chore. #

14:17 Taken 'morning' meds and painkillers. About to do jab (Copaxone). #

14:20 Done jab. #

14:21 I appear to have all of 3 followers now. 1 is my main account, 1 is a follower from there and one is a random add. Weird. #

14:33 …and the painkillers start to work. Fast work! #

14:33 Could actually be the water that I used to take the painkillers working vs. dehydration headache. #

15:35 Follo
wers list = 2 again. Blocked the 2 new random adds. Can't be a protected account because of wanting to use LoudTwitter -> LiveJournal. #

16:10 Guess I should get a cup of tea and some breakfast. Been awake 3+ hours. #

16:17 Pitta and chicken for breakfast with a mug of Moroccan Mint Green tea. #

18:35 Major wobbliness/vertigo. #

21:05 Nap from 18:30-21:00 #

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