Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford


01:36 All meds and jab done today. Also finally remembered to build this week's meds. New CalMag was delivered so no more restless legs, I hope! #

01:36 Slept all day again. Hibernating. #

01:37 Leg pain here was restless leg, in retrospect. #

02:43 Stressed out to F**K. See more over at natalief. Splitting headache developing and so melting hot that I could not sleep if I was to try to. #

02:44 All I need is for technology to enable my life. Not to further disable my life. Is that too much to ask? *facepalm* *headdesk* #

02:46 Takes painkillers. All types available. Including the relaxation aiding ones. #

02:48 *sob* #

02:56 ARGH! Now? Pixel has decided to knock my sharps bin on the floor. These flats are made out of tissue paper. If the UPS did not wake the… #

03:16 …hubby and neighbours for miles around then that will have done. I AM SO FED UP WITH THIS! Also? Tiny screen is tiny and almost illegible! #

03:17 Guh - had to switch to brizzly coz the Twitter home page would not let me tweet that latest tweet - yanno, the second part of a sentence! :( #

03:33 Nah - can't read on this screen (hackbook). Will have to try to sleep or read a book or something. SUCKS! :( #

03:38 At least I am not too hot now. Too cold instead. #

13:55 Waking up from weird dreams. #

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