Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-13-2010

  • 03:01:07: My UPS is beeping again. :(
  • 03:03:28: Closed some apps and it stopped. Opened some apps and it restarted with the annoying beep. Coincidence maybe?
  • 03:06:40: Have shut down the mac which shut up the UPS. UPS is not worth having if it means I cannot use the mac. :(
  • 03:08:32: Wondering if I dare powering the mac back on and what I will do with myself if I don't. Too hot to sleep. Melty.
  • 03:28:57: Looks like I need to stop using a UPS with my mac or find one that does not beep at 2 am above neighbours' bedroom. There is still power so
  • 03:31:00: still power so I have no idea what the UPS's problem is. Just means i have no legible / big screen web, no music and nothing much else to
  • 03:33:06: to occupy my way-too-hot-to-sleep self. I could read but need to finsh knitting this sock. As the cool emo kids might say, "FML!"
  • 03:38:42: Using hackbook is better than nothing. Was not able to back up my firefox history or anything so cannot read what I *was* reading.
  • 03:39:49: Also, hackbook screen is much smaller than the nice mac cinema screen so is much more eye-strain-y. MUST get to the bottom of this tomorrow.
  • 03:40:36: NEED to be able to live my mostly nocturnal life. This is NOT ideal. At ALL! :(
  • 03:40:59: Yeah, okay, you get it - I am pissed off right now.
  • 04:13:14: …and now Twitter is not letting me post to natdaylog. :(
  • 04:36:24: Of course, my iPhone does not charge if the charger is plugged into the mac and the mac and UPS are powered off. *grrrrr*
  • 04:37:11: At least I am not too hot now. Too cold instead.
  • 04:43:34: More snow -

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