Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 01-08-2010

  • 04:12:12: Off to bed having done 7th of 7 days diary writing. Wondering if I should have bought an A4 instead of an A4 page-a-day diary!
  • 14:52:03: Am awake and medicated. Hubby is off out into the wilds of the snow.
  • 15:00:36: "A little decadence | Bad Astronomy | Discover Magazine" Another POV about the whole "new decade" debate. Good points.
  • 15:34:48: For someone born in the 60s I am a child of the 90s when it comes to music. I miss Leftfield and Underworld. Awesome tunes to work to.
  • 15:35:13: RT @FreshPlastic: Pets Eye View cam. See what your pets see (if they had an eye jutting out of their neck) ht ...
  • 17:25:09: Nom. DFGF Xmas cake for breakfast with Moroccan Mint Green Tea (Dragon Fly). Nom nom.
  • 17:32:49: Congratulations! TBR. :) RT @cmpriest: Yesterday's good news ... today! BONESHAKER has won a PNBA award -
  • 17:40:54: Just what I needed! ;-p RT @asktheboater: Show only exact duplicate tracks in iTunes

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