Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-28-2009

  • 08:15:42: Teh intarwebs were running like a slug in salted treacle (i.e. dead) so I just power cycled the router. Seemed to work. Does not explain wh…
  • 08:16:39: … Does not explain, though, why with O2 at 100% and the iPhone on 3G not wifi I could not post to dabr or twitter. Weird.
  • 09:35:12: Neighbours are yelling, banging and slamming again and I can hear/feel it over WoW plus iTunes through my headphones. *resigned sigh* :(
  • 09:48:44: Memories of xmas eve one year in the early 80s and, of course, all those other, countless times. :(
  • 12:41:22: Despite having an account, I cannot buy @seananmcguire's Rosemary & Rue for my iPhone Kindle app coz it knows I am not in US. :-(
  • 12:44:26: Even if I tell it that I *am* in the US. I have the book in a dead-tree version but ebooks are easierfor me to read. Ideally EPUB.
  • 14:05:09: RT @ninthspace: Hrmm.. appear to have two routers directing traffic to each other. No wonder the interwebs are down. :-/
  • 23:56:39: Not 4 me: RT @ScrivenerApp The two arrows in the footer bar beneath the outliner and corkboard make the other editor show the selected docs.

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