Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-26-2009

  • 04:34:11: Have started a new twitter (and livejournal) account for the boring health and medication tracking tweets. If you want to follow it, DM me.
  • 04:35:34: Seem to have managed to sleep for about 6 hours tonight, though. It was a fun day at mum's. I really enjoyed spending time with her & aunt.
  • 04:48:25: LJ post about my new LJ and twitter accounts:
  • 04:49:30: "OMG WTF THIS EPISODE?" (via @racheline_m) Wasn't it great?
  • 09:58:57: Firefox and Mailplane have both locked up. Again.
  • 10:02:30: Had hoped to go into Horsham but *weather* just started to happen. Out-doors may have to wait. Ai kin haz spring nau plz?
  • 10:30:31: Was up at 04:30 today after 8+ hours sleep. Back to bed now for a while though.
  • 21:15:26: May go to sleep now for a while. Will eat dinner later if I wake before breakfast. ;-p

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