Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-24-2009

  • 00:50:14: "BBC News - BT to complete super-fast broadband network by 2012" Not holding my breath! No cable TV in Horsham, even!
  • 10:43:02: Wow. Miracle! Up, medicated, fed, green-tea-ed, showered and dressed before 10 am! Being woken to feed cats in the morning means I do stuff!
  • 10:44:51: *wonders* Is it only the USians that still (officially) work in Imperial (instead of metric)? How ironic, if you look at the name! ;-p
  • 10:48:15: "Rumour Has It: Tablet Announcement as Early as January" (via @newsomobile) *starts saving*
  • 10:51:46: Hoping … last bits of technical poo are in place for my business to open on Boxing Day. Fingers crossed. (via @regularjen) *crosses eyes*
  • 13:01:53: #Santa is in New Zealand. Anyone tracking from there? :) (via @noradsanta) Go Santa!
  • 17:54:50: Yay for a hibernatory xmas eve
  • 21:48:03: Upset stomach all afternoon to go with my earlier nausea this morning. Not too bad now. May actually play WoW for the first time in weeks!
  • 21:51:27: is home from working Christmas eve at the Apple store. It was madness! (via @ gwenzilla) I bet!
  • 21:53:14: Now all I have to do is 3 days' worth of knitting before tomorrow… (via @gwenzilla) Ummm, got a TARDIS handy? ;-p *hug*

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