Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-22-2009

  • 04:45:41: Woke up melting. 2 hrs sleep > 0.
  • 09:14:26: Seem to be getting a migraine. Blind spot just left of centre is making reading hard. Can't see the word before on the screen for example.
  • 09:15:01: The blind spot is growing and moving closer to centre. I have fed the cats and so I am going to try to sleep this off.
  • 09:16:06: No pain as yet. I hate visual #migraines though. The sense I would least like to lose but most often have problems with.
  • 09:16:27: Meds and bed.
  • 09:27:40: Blind spot now scintilating. Rainbow sparkles! Does thay mesn I an now s vanpire?
  • 09:39:20: I just HAD to say "no pain yet", didn't I? #paincount = 7 now! #migraine #facepalm
  • 19:56:33: The mound arises from under the duvet thanks to the paper shredding and hole punching skills of TEH SMUDGE!!! #migraine is gone at least.
  • 22:04:20: This is one perfect Watch Cap (via @knittingnews) I'd want to knit that in the round, personally. Seam a beanie hat? Wuh?!
  • 22:25:26: "FIRST PHOTOS: Weird Fish With Transparent Head" *boggles* Real fact not sci fi!
  • 22:27:15: Upon which note I am going back to bed. Having slept all day (#migraine) I hope that I will sleep for longer than two hours.

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