Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-18-2009

  • 01:29:48: Okay I eat my words. There is about an inch of show out there now and it is still coming down. Going shopping tomorrow could be interesting.
  • 01:35:53: #paincount = 6; head, eyes and joints. Taking evening meds, doing jab and taking painkillers, etc.
  • 01:37:35: "Now drawing OMGFURRIEZ in a public place! *gasp*" (via @ mcahogarth) ONOEZ!!! Fink'v duh childerz! *gasp* ;-p
  • 03:02:26: #annoyingfeature This error message from @dabr is really annoying! How do I turn that off?! *headdesk*
  • 03:25:04: Some of my Winter Writings from years past:
  • 03:27:03: ;-p RT @cmpriest: ONE swipe of the arm under the couch produced: 7 balls, 4 fuzzy mice, 3 feather toys, and 2 bottlecaps. …
  • 04:23:16: #paincount down to 1 and the meds have finally let me get sleepy so I am now off to bed to try to sleep and/or do some ereading.

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