Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-17-2009

  • 15:26:32: I hate December. The neighbours' "domestic" is very triggering. I want to go down and tell them what it is doing to their kids. Been there.☹
  • 15:29:07: Earplugs and/or music. It is always the kids that loose.
  • 15:29:59: Aaaaaand now a snowstorm has started lol.
  • 15:36:48: And now the storm part has subsided and it is just lightly sprinkling snow. Rarely settles here between North and South Downs, sadly.
  • 15:38:57: Rain now. Back to normal weather-wise.
  • 15:44:20: Finished reading Flashforward yesterday. Loved it. Much better than the TV series. Some pretty hard Sci Fi but also relationships. Recommend
  • 16:06:56: Won't spam your twitter feeds with blip but will let you see my if you are interested in my varied taste.
  • 16:27:26: Escaping into reading and music is reminiscent of how I used to escape the DV as a teenager. It feels defiant and warm.
  • 17:22:11: Nap time.
  • 21:06:25: RT @modeknit: "Looking life in the eyes & saying ,"I have balls" is different than looking life in the balls & saying, "I have eyes." h ...
  • 21:08:50: RT @rebeccakoconnor: Amy Sutherland just offered to write the foreword if I wrote a book about angsty glittering vampire...animals. Car ...

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