Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-15-2009

  • 04:00:11: Is anyone on GoodReads? You can find me here:
  • 16:19:01: Since I bought the Sony Reader (48 hours?) I have read more non-web than in months! Santa FTW! ;-p
  • 16:21:26: RT @kylecassidy: Please RT. New blog post up: Quelling rumors about LiVEJOURNAL forcing users to specify gender -
  • 16:23:27: RT @ninthspace: Dear Chris, do not buy glittery wrapping paper ever again. Hugs and kisses, your desk, floor, trousers, t-shirt, hands, Mac.
  • 16:35:40: BAH! Bought an ebook under DRM from Waterstones. Loaded it on my Sony Reader which is now going through an infinite self-reboot loop. :(
  • 16:37:15: Turning it off did not help. Plugging it back in to Reader Library did. Can't read books with USB plugged in though. :(
  • 16:38:38: And now the list of books in the Reader section of Reader Library has books misnamed using oriental characters. GREAT! :((((
  • 16:39:21: Wish I had made a note of what page I was on in the book I was reading before I loaded this new book. Can't remember.
  • 16:48:49: Eject and unplug and now infinite reboots again. May have to try the reset hole/button. :((
  • 16:49:39: "Reset" has no effect. Also cannot turn the device off. Infinite loop is infinite and the charging light is on even with it unplugged. :((((
  • 16:50:07: RT @Syfy: Reminder: I'm giving away a #Caprica USB drive to a random person who RTs this note by 3pm ET on 12/18 -
  • 16:53:30: May as well just let the Reader run itself out of battery slowly but surely. Won't be finishing book today, it seems. *cries*
  • 16:54:26: You should never put me anywhere near anything electronic. I WILL make it die, stop working, explode or burn.
  • 16:59:33: *wonders if anyone is actually following me. have tweeted many questions in recent weeks and had no answers. must be muted I guess. figures*
  • 17:03:03: *tries again*
  • 17:04:24: #supportrequest #cryforhelp Does anyone know how to get my #sonyreader to break out of the infinite reboot cycle it is locked within?
  • 17:53:05: #paincount 6 -> 2 as the painkillers kick in. Have taken some video (shaky hands ofc) of the amazing infinite reboot! Will upload and post.
  • 19:19:10: Turns out that my #sonyreader woes were caused by editing author and title of a PDF and then uploading it to the reader, both using Calibre.
  • 19:21:10: My #sonyreader problems would not have occurred had I only used it using the less functional Reader Library software. I am an ex-scientist!
  • 19:22:44: I have to try things to see what happens! It is in my nature as a scientifically educated geek! ;-)
  • 19:24:16: Nap time.
  • 19:28:24: #annoyingfeature of @dabr is the "That's a short tweet" message so often with the "cancel/retry buttons. How do I turn it off? #donotwant :(

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