Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-12-2009

  • 11:52:56: Splitting headache. Hoping painkillers do their job.
  • 12:41:25: #paincount is down to a 1 from 5. Painkillers FTW. Now knitting and trying to wake up enough to find food. Glad I keep basics in my room! ;)
  • 12:47:53: RT @incapete: Paul Lewis makes Guardian cover! I'm a Photographer NOT a Terrorist campaign hots up!
  • 12:57:06: Has an idea for making some xmas gifts. Better get on with it! Need to shop for parts.
  • 13:00:09: Question for Twitter-pedia: What are the dimensions of an average bar od soap? I don't use them myself or I would measure one.
  • 13:00:51: Rephrase - I *can't* use soap bars.
  • 13:52:16: Second sock of nth pair completed. Speepy.
  • 13:52:42: I do love my muzzy-brain and ugh-eyes typos!
  • 13:56:28: taught a Dame how to use her computer this morning. :) (via @gwenzilla) Cool!
  • 17:09:23: RT @ebertchicago: My Avatar review. The King of the World has been re-elected.
  • 17:45:29: You know it is not a good day when I am not even knitting while I read the web. I am propping myself up on my hands and barely awake.
  • 22:04:55: "Kitty Red Light, Green Light, 1-2-3 is Today's BIG Thing - NOV 12, 2009" Old but great!

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