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From Twitter 12-10-2009

  • 01:22:57: I officially hate December. Also, I hate my MonSter because it ruins everything.
  • 01:25:30: "Time repeats. Tick tock." Quote from something I wrote years ago. How come things have to happen more over and over again?
  • 01:26:32: Note to self: check into a private clinic for all of Dec and Jan next winter. I can't do damage there.
  • 02:12:32: My mac's wifi reception just dropped to only the dot on the menubar icon. Again.
  • 03:01:16: RT @newsomobile: RT @rossdawson New Dragon Dictation iPhone app http://bit.ly/7cTkYu is not available in Australia - very annoying - wh ...
  • 03:46:09: Giving up and going to bed. Maybe I will be able to sleep…
  • 15:25:19: "A Colder War - a novelette by Charles Stross" http://j.mp/7hajNN Reading this now on screen as I knit. Gripping! I do like eFiction/ebooks!
  • 15:43:17: "Dave's Free Press: Journal: October 2009 in books" http://j.mp/4YRJBS This is where I got the rec for Stross' novella "A Colder War".
  • 17:26:21: RT @natalief: "A Colder War - a novelette by Charles Stross" http://j.mp/7hajNN Finished. WOW that is STRONG! Woah. *thinking deep thoughts*
  • 17:28:51: Thank crikey/FSM/$deity that you can now tell ow.ly links to not display the annoying panel at the top on that browser/machine any more!
  • 17:37:24: "to improve access to books in formats accessible to people who are blind, visually impaired or have other disabilities" http://j.mp/6yPlh5
  • 17:59:44: New post: "The best Wii game you haven't played" - http://bit.ly/57240a (via @brainygamer) Looks cute!
  • 18:01:37: RT @frontierdev: LostWinds lands in a jolly 3rd place … Telegraph's (UK Newspaper) Top 10 downloadable games of 2009 - http://bit.ly/tele10
  • 18:02:18: RT @warrenellis: project for next year: rig a dialysis machine to a Tassimo machine with a stack loader and replace my blood with espresso
  • 18:07:20: "…@folksy sampler…" (via @folksy) What's that then? Linky?
  • 20:55:37: RT @SilverGames: Did you remember the good old times of Prince Of Persia? Play it again - 20 years later.. http://urly.at/pop #game #retro

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