Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-09-2009

  • 04:03:25: Can't sleep. been trying for about 3 hours. Clowns've chewed me up and spat me out. Now they can't sleep either & I can see worse than ever.
  • 04:05:44: Am trying to read the first Smeyer Twilight book. Readable if painful prose. So far. Page 71 of 950 or so in ereader.
  • 04:07:49: Keep thinking that I wish I still had some of the fiction I wrote as a tween. It was this good. All I need to do is remember & rewrite it!
  • 06:34:16: I should have been asleep, but the cogs were determined to turn:
  • 14:30:54: RT @TransworldBooks: It's Transworld Xmas giveaway time! To be in with a chance of winning a mystery box of books simply RT this message!
  • 14:31:22: RT @simonschusterUK: WIN A CHRISTMAS BOOK BOX!! Win a box with 20 different S&S books inside. RT this before 5pm to be in with a chance!
  • 14:48:06: Steampunked Nerf weaponry Awesome! #steampunk #nerf (via @NeilCFord) ;-)
  • 14:56:01: "Peacock feathers wedding dress" I thought peacock feathers were supposed to be bad luck?
  • 17:24:49: My mac's wifi reception just dropped to only the dot on the menubar icon.
  • 17:26:33: Now back at 75%. Strange. It is usually at 100% and was 5 mins ago.
  • 18:26:11: Spotted via sbisson at livejournal, this realistic roleplaying webcomic: Yes!
  • 18:50:36: "Dragon Dictation comes to the iPhone. Wow." It is SUCH a pity that this is US only! I NEED it! Fix that ASAP Nuance!! :(
  • 19:26:13: I love how @dabr allows me to view a list and enter a new tweet at the same time. Other clients take note! @brizzly @tweetie @twittelator ;p
  • 19:27:43: …although, sadly, if I am viewing a list in @dabr and I send a new tweet it switches back to viewing all of you not the list. #bugreport ;*/
  • 19:30:00: I still wish that @twitter & clients would allow me to select one list to always view instead of "all" like LiveJournal can… #featurerequest
  • 19:35:29: Can you tell that I am trying out web clients for @twitter? ;-p
  • 19:38:52: P.S. does anyone know why on the @twitter home page I see retweets by people not on my following list that are not anything I tweeted? *⁈⁇⁉*
  • 19:41:56: Oh, right. One of you retweeted something but it shows the icon for the original tweeter and not you on my @twitter home page. *confusing* ☹
  • 19:43:22: Not going to be using @tweetie on the mac any more. or the @twitter home page unless I HAVE to. @dabr it is for me on the mac an iPhone.
  • 19:53:05: RT What you should do (and NOT do) if you hate your book cover: (via @janetkgrant) Sadly, I can only see three images.
  • 20:27:26: Tennant on QI: Apparently his episode airs on Xmas eve. <- trailer
  • 22:56:07: I have no idea how, but I have seen this episode of Spooks before - and not recently which, of course, is not possible. Or is it? *confused*

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