Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-03-2009

  • 05:33:55: Melting cold and freezing hot all at once. Again. Need more meds. Wide awake as well.
  • 05:36:01: ;-) RT @nanoism: He wrote the poem out for her carefully and she folded it just as carefully and slid it under the short leg of the table.
  • 05:42:15: RT @fictionlmixtape: Currently posting final chapter of twitter novel “Richie” - #twitternovel PLEASE RT
  • 06:33:34: If the lag was not so bad and I could work out what it was all about I would consider moving from paid-for WoW to free
  • 09:55:30: Strange noises coming from hubby's iMac downstairs. YouTube? Pogues sung by girls from what I can tell.
  • 09:59:02: Finding Twitter to be stressful this morning. Closing Brizzly.
  • 12:05:18: RT @mssocietyuk: Posted to Flickr: Lee from the MS Society meets the Hairy Bikers: photo: Dave helped care ...
  • 13:38:38: "Dracula Hates Twilight | Dracula's View on Edward Cullen" "Dracula is spectacular!" #teamdracula
  • 13:41:25: That said, #teamspike and #teamangel ! ;-p
  • 16:22:31: Going to bed. Feeling yuck.

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