Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

Promised post of Twi-dark links

Further to my earlier post about the Twilight franchise (henceforth known as Twi-dark), here are some links that I have collected that were referenced in other posts I have already linked to (or comments on my last post about this) and that you may or may not find interesting in that context. Just links. No names or commentary. Have at them! - this one had me ROFLMAO in sparkly stitches!
ETA: There are actually five posts in this series: "Book One, Book Two, Book Three and Book Four. There's also a drinking game bingo card."


P.S. I realised that I bought an eReader version of Twilight (book I) last year but had not read it. I cannot remember if I tried to read it and gave up or never bothered to read it. In an attempt to address my concerns that I am criticising books and films that I have not read or watched, I am going to try to attempt to read it. It is on my iPhone. Wish me luck!

ETA3: Links from the comments below and subsequently linked links:
Tags: wtf

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