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BBC News - Repairing the nation's cathedrals

The bad news is that six cathedrals - Canterbury, York, Salisbury, Winchester, Chichester and Lincoln - still need almost £60m between them over the next 10 years. But English Heritage has been forced by a government funding squeeze to scrap a scheme which guaranteed £3m a year for cathedral repairs.

BBC News - Repairing the nation's cathedrals

I went to York University in the late 80s and the cathedral was covered in scaffolding then, both for repairs to the Rose Window and for this type of stonework. It is so sad that our government does not see the preservation of amazing architecture like this as important enough so that they cut the funding.

The programme should see the repair teams get round the whole of the exterior of the building in the course of a century - the custodians of Britain's great cathedrals tend to take the long view.
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