Nat S Ford (natf) wrote,
Nat S Ford

From Twitter 12-02-2009

  • 01:49:41: Yet another "quick nap" that became almost 12 hours of sleep. Splitting headache, bunged nose and sinuses. I CAN HAZ ILL COLD ICK! :*(
  • 03:19:32: "think critically before you wish for someone else's idea of what's romantic" The Twilight books are bad role models.
  • 03:24:09: Honestly, I worry about the teenage girls of women who love these books and who read them with said girls.
  • 03:25:11: Part of me thinks I should read them to better criticise but I have better things to read and to do with my time than cause myself pain!
  • 03:26:16: Another part of me is unhappy criticising an author (or group of ghost mormon authors?) that is/are making money out of a book franchise.
  • 03:27:33: I worry for a whole generation of teenage girls. Way to teach girls that it is OK to be in an abusive relationship. Been there, never again.
  • 03:28:43: If only my autobiography, if I ever finish and publish, would sell as well and influence as many young girls. Sadly, pigs might fly. :(
  • 03:29:08: [/end_rant]
  • 11:46:03: This! ;-) RT @Axisor I've learned I'm a vengeful writer :) Its cheaper than therapy and doesn't come with jail time
  • 11:49:06: Been awake since just after 0000 after 12hrs 'nap'. Ache all over. Guts still hate me. Coldsores. Sinus-hell. Giving up & going back to bed.
  • 11:57:07: Why does @twittelator allow retweeting of protected account tweets when most other clients and Twitter do not?! #bugreport
  • 12:50:13: So very cold, fully clothed under duvet and three fleece blankets. Earache now as well. Wishing I could fall asleep but too cold and achy.
  • 12:57:09: Have now added furry feline hotwatterbottle on tp of blankets. *crosses fingers this might work*
  • 14:39:23: Can't sleep. Am now warm and painkillers are helping. I wish paper books were less painful to hold. Want to read more of The Ninth Circle.
  • 14:48:20: That mobile web Twitter client that I could not remember the other daywas
  • 14:52:50: Now all I need is the magical incantation that makes @dabr not too wide or too small to read. Could not find in settings.
  • 15:27:21: "BBC News - Dog that mauled boy to death was an illegal breed" Why am I not surprised? So sad.
  • 15:33:58: Finds it so much harder to find hubby's (@NeilCFord) tweets now his avatar is no longer a big green Cthulhu!
  • 15:37:25: Yanno I was freezing cold earlier? Now I am melting. I hate having a cold and hope it is not flu.
  • 16:05:50: Now I have eaten and am warm I am finally sleepy.
  • 16:11:02: Guh - sleep.

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